Manufacturing Facility

It comprises two floors with a total built area of 12000 sq ft. The ground floor consists of the office block The first Floor has both chemical & microbiology labs.

The production block comprises 4 floors ( comprises Ground + 3 floors) and constitutes approximately 60000 sq feet. The ground floor has been earmarked for manufacture and packing of contact lens cleaning solution & presterilized eye / ear / nasal drop preparations. The second floor is basically the Utility area to house the Air Handling Units of the production area, The third floor comprises finished goods store & an area to manufacture contact lenses. The third floor is meant for storage of packing materials. The manufacturing facility has been designed keeping unidirectional flow of the material in mind.

It is approximately 6000 sq. feet and on the top of the Engineering block , Canteen , Crèche and the Wash Area have been designed which is approximately 2000 sq. feet.


Quality Aspects

Stericon is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our team of Pharmacists, Microbiologists and Engineers play an active role in the design and manufacture of our products overseeing all aspects of the process. Our manufacturing team has more than 15 years experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and benefits from continuous on and offsite training on latest advances and practices in the Pharmaceutical Industry. We are committed to provide quality products as per customer and market requirements on time every time thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

We follow strict and mature processes to ensure that quality is maintained at the highest levels. The Quality Control Department continuously monitors the quality of raw material , packing material, in process and finished products . It is well equipped for conducting chemical & microbiological tests. Strict quality control processes have been established, which include sampling and analysis, shelf life studies and internal GMP audits. A separate Quality Assurance Department does strict quality checks during Manufacture and Final release of all Products.

The Manufacturing process occurs under stringent quality controlled conditions. Stericon is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment covering every step of the process, from manufacturing through washing, sterilization, filling and packing.


Each Equipment/System/Facility is validated prior to use as per the Validation Master Plan.


Key  Production , QC & QA  Personnel have more than 15 years experience in the   Pharmaceutical Industry  with maximum  exposure in the manufacture of Injectable & Eye / Ear Drop Formulations.. The workmen are also trained personnel and have more than 10 – 15 years experience  in  Sterile facility.